Just a reminder  We will be having a club meeting on Saturday 2/20/21 at MRRCS field at noon. We will be discussing :                  Events                  Budget                  voting on the wearing of ID badges We will be starting a club raffle, the item is a freewing 90mm F-18 that was donated by Tom Strom at Big Foot Hobbies in Lacey . -- ~~Karl~~ " Takeoffs are optional. Landings are mandatory. "

Jan 25 Update

   Hi MRRCS members, Thanks for attending the January meeting. I think our founding members would be proud of all of you for making this club outstanding.  Quick updates: As of Jan 25th we have 66 renewing members, 6 family members and 6 new members, all of the officers have a up to date roster.  New business at the Jan 16th meeting: The wearing of name badges was voted on - in favor of badges,  but in order to officialy add these to our field rules we must give the entire club membership a chance to vote on them. (per the by-laws) This will be done at the Feb 20th meeting.  Speaking of by-laws, there is a "Membership Packet" attached to this email. Current By-laws & such are in there.  The website is up and working at - let Laurie know if you have any suggestions and thank her for all of her HARD work, it was a big job and I think it looks fantastic .   If there is anyone left out there who hasn't renewed yet, you can find all of the information &